Monday, February 21, 2011

2010 IN 2011

Maybe, everyone who read the tittle will be have a big question mark. Yeah, 2010 @2011. In this Year 2011 (zodiac rabbit), I have install Microsoft Office 2010. Xixixi, maybe is not too important for other. But for it's new challenge to learning what about the many new things in here. First, I try to post the blog from Ms Office Word. @Ms 2007, it has been there but I haven't try this. Ok I Would like to give u some way to do it :

  1. Open u'r Ms Office
  2. Klik Tab "File" New @Available Templat choose 'Blog Spot', And Then click 'Create'

  1. And the light box will be appear, u must to follow the way : you must input u'r data like email and password and u will find any question. Please u click Yes and Yes (xixixixi,,it's a great time to be simple).
  2. Next you can find a choice about u'r blog (blogger, etc "I'm sorry I'm forget it" ), choose Blogger when u use Blogspot.
  3. For the last, any question come again hohoho,, but don't worry, it's just simple question and you can answer yes, yes again until the page blog ready to USE
  4. Tararraraaata,,, it's nice, please try this, and you've got a new experience. I Think is easy to do it,,Good Luck











Yeah,, it's first experience to me, posting blog by Ms Word ,, U can maximize u'r blog from this. Everyone Can Do it


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